August has wrapped up and with the end of Ramadan, I managed a total of 19 games. The last game ended on a great note with a fellow referee coming out to watch a U14 Boys fixture that I managed and giving me some solid feedback. I have heard most of the points before about my refereeing but since I am working on most of them, he re-iterated one some of them that I am missing out on and a few extras.

The game itself only had two cautions for the home team; Persistent Infringement of the Laws of the Game and Unsporting Behaviour. The game ended up being one of the few that I have fully enjoyed and haven’t regretted any of the decisions I have made. I have made a lot of progress on the items I need to work on since my last assessment. I have two assessments as an Assistant Referee; this Friday and next Friday immediately before my assessment game. Next Friday is my final assessment in the middle on September 14th. I need to prove to my RDO, who will be coming to assess me, that I can manage a Mens’ game and continue to excel.

Let's hear your call!

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