How to do a Net Inspection

Something that has come up this past season has been the pre-game net inspection.

I don’t mean the very first time when it’s done during the pitch inspection. That’s the real one.

I’m talking about when the referee crew splits in the middle of the field and runs to check the nets before taking up their position. This one is for the show. It was recommended to me, as a referee, to ensure that my assistant referees knew how to do a net check with the appropriate mechanics.

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Week 41

I needed to attend to my Futsal referee roster for some development exercises so I set out to arrange the logistics of issuing my usual Classmarker quiz. I had to generate and manually send out codes to new referees to have access to the quiz but there weren’t very many so it was done quite quickly. I was pleasantly surprised to see the immediate response to the e-mail; almost ten referees had completed it within 24 hours. I felt giving a week was a fair timeline so I’ll see how everyone does.

Did I say I love this method? I did all the work a year and a half ago and now I can just issue it and see the marks come up. No muss no fuss.

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Week 26 & 27


I received some motivation in Week 26 to work harder on my local RA initiatives since I was a representative from the younger group of referees. The referees in the past generation had taken charge when they were moving up through the ranks always having the young injection of enthusiasm so I sat down to look at other RAs and what was successful for them and what could be replicated for our own. Continue reading

Week 23

A game with the same referee from Sunday but it was nice to be working a local game and a little more time to analyse his style.

Following our discussion on the previous day, I made a general comment about not seeing referees smile enough on the pitch making it difficult to know if they are enjoying it. For most of this game, every collaborative decision with me was met with a verbal thank you/thumbs-up in addition to a beaming smile with all 32 teeth! I couldn’t help but burst out laughing in my head and visibly chuckling. I knew Continue reading

Week 22 – Part 2

It has certainly been a very interesting week. The recovery days played well and I’ll need them again soon!

Check out my Brazuca post.

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The Beginning Part 3: The First Taste of Dissent

Now being a referee is almost synonymous with receiving dissent and the first major part of it that I received was in a particular game approximately 10 games into my career. The three of us (JU, WB and myself) worked the the Schools League together for all home games at our school. It was good training in being an Assistant Referee with all the feedback we received from WB and in what was considered a derby match for the Senior U18 team, I had a fairly simple call to make that changed the complexion of the game.

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