Ervocom vs Touchline Electronic Flags

This is the review that referees have been looking for (at least according to Google searches) courtesy of Hary Milas from Refsworld! Good thing I asked because few people in the world would be able to do this having access to both sets of flags without having to spend $1500!

Check out their great referee store here. Click on the link below to enlarge and read the details of the review.

I personally have the Ervocom electronic flags and quite enjoy them but I won’t lie and say that the Touchline flags’ compact features make it an enticing prospect. Check out my Ervocom electronic flags page here.

The two main concerns most people have on Touchline flags are that the receiver cannot be muted and that the flags have different patterns/colours. To combat this, the next upgrade will include control on sound and there are versions of the Touchline flags available both in the diamond pattern. Keep an eye out then! This compact flag set is quite a steal (if you can afford it!).

Let's hear your call!

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