FIFA Laws of the Game 2016-2017

In a ground-breaking move, the FIFA Laws of the Game is out earlier than ever before; April 13th.

Why you ask?

Great question. I’ve held off on paraphrasing FIFA articles promising some of the changes earlier this year. These will change the way we think about the game. Simply because it ain’t real until it’s on paper. That day is today.

In preparation for Euro 2016 in France, the changes have been published ahead of time for referees to study and adjust to.


There is simply far too little time for me to be able to summarise the changes but most things leave me ogling as to how I will break my routine and bubble to adapt to these changes effective next year. You must wait until your FA passes on the information about these changes.

There will undoubtedly be the few that won’t get this message and the field will be littered with inconsistencies. Please wait. Enjoy the read but wait.

Direct link:

“Summary” (65 pages):

IFAB Website:

It hasn’t sunk in for me but do you think IFAB has made the right move? Is football on the right path? Euro 2016 will be the biggest test of how it affects the game.

Enjoy the light reading! I know it’ll be a while before I get through all this.

12 comments on “FIFA Laws of the Game 2016-2017

  1. BrotherDog says:

    thanks for the link to the download, how can i get a printed copy of this law book? I want the printed version to store in my soccer bag. thanks!!

  2. […] HIER zu den neuen Regeln- und Auslegungen des Internationalen Football- und Assocations Board (IFAB). […]

  3. dawit says:


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