Week 19

The most notable item of the week is the travel. Long trip and jet lag to recover from.

Abu Dhabi Airport

Abu Dhabi Airport

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport



I even spent a bit of time wandering around trying to sort out living arrangements but managed to call a lot of colleagues and have a chat.

Before travelling, a lot of co-ordinating with e-mails pre-season and catching up on the latest updates through Skype. I also played my dad in FIFA while watching the BPL Liverpool-Manchester City finale.


The La Liga decider match was another thriller during the week. It was interesting to see Lahoz’s refereeing style and combination of firmness and smiles during the game. It’s quite obvious when he isn’t happy because he’s all smiles during the game even when everyone else isn’t but everyone knows things are getting serious when his serious face comes on! Champions League final is also coming up soon.

Another surprising piece of news was family winning World Cup tickets. I looked back before leaving on my package and tickets from the last edition.



… and my unorthodox collection of World Cup whistles.


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