Long Weekend, Weather & Injury Scare

Easter weekend with Friday off and the weather couldn’t have been much better! Sitting at 10 degrees on Saturday and a few mounds of snow means that spring is on it’s way. With spring means the football season kick-off approaches ever closer. It also means that training can be taken outside! Mother nature is sending mixed signals today though with the light snow and strong wind so I might be speaking too soon and the snowstorm of a lifetime could come crashing in so I am just conjecturing here but good weather always brings a good mood!

Good Friday Toronto Weather

Good Friday Toronto Weather

I took the weekend off of all refereeing (at least on the practical portion) from a field/pitch. I think this might be the first weekend off in a year… Wow. Anyways. Without an appointment, it felt long. Drawn out because there wasn’t anything to look forward to or prepare for. Long, of course, until it was Sunday evening (the dreaded portion of every weekend); on the brink of Monday. So that’s how feeling benched feels like. We are inching closer to May though…

I had a little scare myself last week on a potential wrist injury on my left hand but luckily things are fine. I had tweaked it during training in the gym late last week but it isn’t bothering me as much anymore so training resumes this week back at full-pace in sight if the impending season kick-off in May.


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