Week 13

My request for late night games worked because two rescheduled games appeared for the week. I accepted both game offers and prepared for a bit of travel. The first game was Monday night at a local school. I had already been there a few weeks ago so I knew what to expect in terms of facilities.


I arrived at the school about 27 minutes before kick-off. I was rather annoyed at being three minutes past when I wanted to be there. To my utmost annoyance, the security guard at the entrance of the school didn’t permit me to enter through the entrance I did the last time. That meant I had to walk around the boundaries of the school. Arrival went from 27 minutes to 7 minutes before kick-off. I was clearly not happy Continue reading

Week 17 & 18

So the past two weeks have been very hectic both in and off refereeing. Busy enough that I haven’t been able to post for a while on what I’ve actually been doing (last post doesn’t really count). Another year has passed and I’m a year older and boy has the last year been quite eventful. The better word is educational because it’s been a learning experience. Hopefully the next year will prove to be the same result.

My first few games of the 2013 Outdoor season were an interesting experience. The morning of the day was quite cool but I had no clue what was in store for me after I had dressed into my kit in the dressing room and walked out with a colleague. A blast of hail and chilly wind during the games had us shivering and frozen. My glasses kept my eyes protected from the onslaught as the ice-pellets bounced off them. I really wondered Continue reading

Long Weekend, Weather & Injury Scare

Easter weekend with Friday off and the weather couldn’t have been much better! Sitting at 10 degrees on Saturday and a few mounds of snow means that spring is on it’s way. With spring means the football season kick-off approaches ever closer. It also means that training can be taken outside! Mother nature is sending mixed signals today though with the light snow and strong wind so I might be speaking too soon and the snowstorm of a lifetime could come crashing in so I am just conjecturing here but good weather always brings a good mood!

Good Friday Toronto Weather

Good Friday Toronto Weather

I took Continue reading