Another year passes by and another opportunity to reflect.

2017 has been quite the up-and-down. There’s a lot to be proud of and a lot to be disappointed about. Ultimately I lean towards disappointment because I didn’t give football the full-attention it has afforded in past years. Nevertheless, it progressed more than I could have hoped for while I emotionally neglected it for the most part. At least that’s the way I felt.

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Week 31

Half the week is no refereeing but doesn’t mean training has stopped.

Actually I have to be fair. This is my first training session all season because I haven’t had a break like this at all. Was good for the off-time to be controlled on my own terms but since it isn’t in-game, I notice fatigue more during training since there are no fouls to focus on.

A great opportunity for recovery. In the meantime, I wrote up my first assessment report for an assistant referee as practice. Definitely felt time-consuming just doing it for one member of the crew. Now I know Continue reading