Assessment #3

My heart was beating fast. It was make or break today. It was the last game of football of the year. My last shot. I needed the pass if I wanted to get to the next level.

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Week 37

The first day of the week was a couple of Mens recreational games with my instructor who I took my referees course with. It had been a while since I had seen him so it was definitely nice. That’s a lie. I was super excited about it. It was only the second time in four years I had seen him.

I was brought up and taught both in my youth and early years of refereeing with a simple phrase/saying.

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Week 36

No games during the week. No training either. I decided that it would be good to have a full 5 days with no intense physical activity involving the legs other than generally walking.

It was also a major transition in schedule as I moved from work to classes so it was useful to slow things down.

I’ve had plenty of reflection on match control and how it has affected certain games throughout my career that have been memorable. It will be interesting to try out some new techniques when I next have the chance.

All the action was the weekend.

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Week 33 Part 2

A day’s rest that was well-used.

Soon off for my next game on Saturday. I met to carpool with a senior and highly experienced referee in my area. He was also one of my favourite assessors since he breaks down the cause and effect relationship very well. It’s clear to see what I need to work on to resolve issues I have in the game. It goes a little beyond Continue reading