Weekend of Week 45

Day 1 (Saturday)

This was a morning similar to those early morning runs because I happen to be the most productive the night before. That means I end up staying awake late and paying for it in the morning. I let the hum of a World Cup match replay try to lull me to sleep but I couldn’t get any sleep for some odd reason. Adrenaline I think? Not sure why. Perhaps excitement. It would have been a very productive night if I stayed up even later.

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Week 5


I managed to try out the Interval testing feature on my Garmin and loved it. It was time-based since Satellite locating doesn’t work indoors so I ran the 30/40 interval with my training partner. It was, of course, exactly what I needed with the High Intensity test. Out of nowhere, a chest/throat infection showed up for me a few days earlier and I was recovering but it had been a while since my last training run that I decided to run nevertheless.

You can see my run stats here.


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Week 48 & 49

After a long break from blogging anything going on with me, I managed to find sometime to blog again.

Titling these posts has really emphasised how the weeks are melting away in the year leaving barely three left.

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