Positioning and Anticipating Play

This has truly been one of the hardest things I’ve felt I’ve had to learn in the game so far. You can watch tons of videos and gameplay on fouls and misconduct to get decisions right when it comes to fouls and cards. It’s not quite the same for anticipating play.

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Week 36

No games during the week. No training either. I decided that it would be good to have a full 5 days with no intense physical activity involving the legs other than generally walking.

It was also a major transition in schedule as I moved from work to classes so it was useful to slow things down.

I’ve had plenty of reflection on match control and how it has affected certain games throughout my career that have been memorable. It will be interesting to try out some new techniques when I next have the chance.

All the action was the weekend.

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Week 43


The intramural referee scheduler messaged me on the Monday to do a game that night at the nearby field and it was a potentially difficult game so I was appointed to the middle alongside two other certified referees. The weather was quite cold on the day but had slightly improved by game time for me; 10pm. I arrived to find out that the games before mine had all been forfeited by no-show teams so my game was the first and last of the day.

I am using these games to practice my S-diagonal and positioning as well as to experiment with new positions such as standing on the goal line outside the field of play on a corner kick. It has been Continue reading