Week 13

My request for late night games worked because two rescheduled games appeared for the week. I accepted both game offers and prepared for a bit of travel. The first game was Monday night at a local school. I had already been there a few weeks ago so I knew what to expect in terms of facilities.


I arrived at the school about 27 minutes before kick-off. I was rather annoyed at being three minutes past when I wanted to be there. To my utmost annoyance, the security guard at the entrance of the school didn’t permit me to enter through the entrance I did the last time. That meant I had to walk around the boundaries of the school. Arrival went from 27 minutes to 7 minutes before kick-off. I was clearly not happy Continue reading

Week 33 Part 1

No games on the first day of the week but I was phoned by a younger referee nervous about getting his first official assessment. He was in the middle for a mid-competitive youth age group. Instead of lecturing him, I asked him how he had prepared and how he intended to go about doing certain aspects of the game. He seemed to be in the right frame of mind but just missing the confidence. After chatting for a few hours with him when he came over to my place, he calmed down and gave me a surprise Continue reading

Nishimura Penalty Decision Body Language

A well talked about incident but if you found this through Google, it’s very likely you will not find what you are looking for. This post does not focus on the accuracy of the decision.

Yuichi Nishimura (JAP) had the honour of officiating the opening match of the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup. I admired his officiating style throughout the match and one decision of his match was not forgotten. The penalty incident involving the Brazilian, Fred. Have a look.


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Game #7

This game was interesting in nature. I had left the house a little over 2 hours before kick-off and enjoyed an hour long bus ride with my wheeled trolley bag to carry everything with me. I was to connect with a colleague DM in another city before we carpooled to the venue of the match appointment.

I spent the hour on the bus ride listening to the latest episode of the RefereesWorld podcast; June 2013. They are back after six months off! It was nice to hear my Canadian colleague’s question being answered on the podcast given that we spent so long discussing it; goalkeeper hanging off the crossbar kicking the ball away. I hadn’t fully finished the episode before I got to my destination and I spent a long while chatting on the 25-minute drive to the field on anything and everything since I hadn’t spoken with DM for a while. I also checked my phone again to re-affirm my homework on both the teams; the game had significant effect on the top spot of the league.

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