Super Cup, Day 3

Day 3

It was a relaxing start to the day because I had plenty of time before my games. I was initially afraid I had arrived late because the dressing room was empty. I frantically got changed into gear and rushed out to look for everyone and where I was assigned to.

The first set of referees I ran into pointed me to the field behind the complex that we hadn’t used yet in the tournament. The games that had been postponed from the day before were to be played there. I walked briskly over to find 4-5 referees walking around the pitch inspecting it. Only… Continue reading

DOGSO-H or Offside?

To give you a bit of a teaser/backstory, have a read of Third Blind Mouse’s piece on this situation.

People may think that the laws/rules of sports are simple. This scenario can show just how mind-boggling a scenario in football can be.

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Week 8

Game day arrived earlier in the week in the form of a rescheduled game on Tuesday. New venue and all at a local high school. It’s always nice visiting new pitches. This is tourism for referees.

To my surprise, the game required minimal involvement from me. I must have whistled five fouls in total over 70 minutes. There was still 9km running and plenty of decision-making such as offsides and ball in/out of play calls.


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