The Top Ref Store Launch

The blog hasn’t been all that active as of late but it will be again on a less frequent schedule soon. It’s been a lot of hard work over the past year to get where what this blog is today so I’m pleased to announce that today is the official launch of The Top Ref store!


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Week 33 Part 2

A day’s rest that was well-used.

Soon off for my next game on Saturday. I met to carpool with a senior and highly experienced referee in my area. He was also one of my favourite assessors since he breaks down the cause and effect relationship very well. It’s clear to see what I need to work on to resolve issues I have in the game. It goes a little beyond Continue reading

Week 13 Education Sessions

It’s not every day you meet a FIFA official and a past education session this week had just that! A very entertaining individual, JF, briefed us on his journey through the ladder and a major recent FIFA tournament as well as being a prospective in World Cup 2014 Brazil.


A very enlightening and humorous presentation it was to be capped off by the ultimate FIFA Offside test. 25 videos in sequence of split-second offside decisions. FIFA uses this test from a pool of 200 videos to test its officials expecting a minimum passing grade of 19/25. Continue reading