Week 14, 15 & 16

Slow stuff all-in-all for refereeing or at least I thought so.

Week 14

Absolutely swamped in the early part with studying for back-to-back exams that I didn’t have any time to think about refereeing or football whatsoever then. At the end of Week 14, our team travelled away for friendly match in the big city. I travelled as the team manager along with them.

It was an affair for a lot of behind-the-scenes organisation as the two game times had to be finalised and we had to search for a replacement keeper to keep the game on. One of my friends filled in there and I took him out for dinner as a thank you after the games.


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HI Practice Dubai

So the second location for HI test training; Dubai. If India was hard, this was expected to be much harder given the humidity level and heat. Tiring was expected much earlier in the running.

The run was a little different this time because I was equipped with undershorts this time. It had been a long time coming; the search for the right pair. The ones I found in the past were ridiculously expensive. I finally managed to find the perfect pair for a decent price; oddly enough adidas.

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Fitness Test #1 2013

The first step to an upgrade most certainly involves a fitness test. Sunday spelled my first-go for this year and it wasn’t the easiest experience despite months of training and with “youth” (as the older referees say) on my side. This was the Cooper fitness test.


I had grabbed some quick bites to eat on the way to the test to get the last-minute carbohydrates and to make sure I wouldn’t collapse that morning! Cream cheese bagel and a donut. I left with just enough time to make it to the test by my usual and undoubtedly favourite means, public transit. I did end up having to hike a fair distance across YU campus to get to the Track and Field Centre for the test and I made it there with 8 minutes to spare before check-in time ended.

I have to say that, overall,  it was quite the nerve-wracking experience. Not because of the actual test but rather having to survive the grueling wait and watching the seriousness of our colleagues going through the routine. Somehow this was far worse than running the actual test as nerves began for me and few colleagues from my group. Butterflies in the stomach of just wanting to do the routines and get through it already! This feeling was something new.

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