Week 16-24 2015

A not so interesting flashback…

Travel began again at the start of the week and there was going to be a significant break for refereeing. In fact, I didn’t imagine anything coming up in the near future.

I’ve been more cognizant of refereeing in other countries and how referees source their equipment so I’ve been visiting sports equipment stores around. It was interesting to see the range of quality and market prices. This is truly a global game impacted by so many cultures involved with it.

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2013 Pre-Season

So the past one week has been different. Sidelined because of the knee and it has made me very restless. I’ve been absolutely itching to run and come a few days hopefully that will be satisfied. About 80% healed.

It was rather sad to hear recently of the Utah referee that was assaulted and that passed away as a result. The increase in these events over the past few months are rather sad. Football is a passionate game but everyone must be able to hold their frustration in the game and realise it is exactly that. A game. My condolences to the Portillo family.

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