The Key to Working in a Team

Being concise and direct is key to effective communication so my goal is to keep posts shorter in the future.

I sat in a referee training camp the past weekend and one particular slide stuck in my mind. Something to think on in life aside from a football refereeing career.

I figured out, later, that it is from a book titled The Ideal Team Player.

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Holiday Football

It was a humid Middle-Eastern evening as I sat on the porch looking down at my socks. I was wearing mid-shin socks over compression socks to reduce muscle vibration. Only problem was that my toes didn’t have as much grip as I want but I wasn’t refereeing so eh. Also, the color contrast looks pretty cool too. I was wearing compression shorts as well under my Adidas refereeing shorts. The only thing left to do with old edition uniforms are to use them for training.


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